Better events, together.
An end-to-end revolutionary event management software, made to provide event organisers with an environmentally friendly, innovative and powerful solution, which enables them to plan, measure and grow professional events of any size.
Eventape was built based on deep market insight, and it’s here to empower industry professionals with an innovative solution that covers all their event management needs, holistically.

Pioneering Green Events

Organise greener events and solve the issue of waste management during conference/event exhibitions.

Deliver amazing experiences onsite

We harness the power of new technologies, such as IoT connectivity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G speeds, to give life to better, smarter and greener events with a touch of wow-factor across the board.

Let the crowds in

Run a hasslefree door, with event intelligence that allows for onsite lead retrieval, check-ins/outs with timestamps and badging solutions while capturing and analyzing valuable data in real time.

Marketing tools at your fingertips

Create beautiful event websites, setup and automate your email marketing, sync your social media campaigns, acquire meaningful data via surveys, live polls, quizzes. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Enhance efficiency and productivity

Our unique organizational tools assist professionals in managing their teams and tasks, so they can focus on running better events.

Increase revenue and sales

Eventape enables professionals to streamline and automate event processes, discover new methods of sales channels, while reducing cost of service.
Reliability. Adaptability. Scalability.
The event industry is growing and ever changing, creating a need for adaptive and scalable technology. Industry professionals need software they can rely upon, day-in and day-out. A platform that makes event management easier, able to handle big data volumes, built on a flexible and adaptable framework that allows rapid customisation and deployment of new features and add-ons.
Go mobile, and achieve better engagement.
  • Simplify the registration process
  • Make sure the latest news, notifications, and interactions, pop-up in the activity feed
  • Keep customer engagement easy and provide better communications
  • Generate more accurate results for the event stakeholders
  • Display live content, tweets and relevant information
  • Easily capture insights from live surveys
  • Promote event networking and 1-on-1 meetings
  • Allow attendees to rate speakers or sessions
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