Event Management

Made Stupid Simple, Super Powerful

"It's Shopify for events."

EventApe offers the power and features of professional (+ expensive) event management software under a stupid-simple interface, for free.


Intuitive and easy to use interface


Manage everything in one place with our secure cloud-based solution


Launch and manage your awesome event in 5 simple steps

This jungle is unlike
any other.

The features you get on our platform

Smart ticketing

Make the gala dinner registration accessible to the VIP tickets only. You can connect and charge activities to specific ticket types.

Team work

Invite King Kong there to co-manage the event with you. Get him outside New York first.

Seamless website building

Drag, drop, ready. You got a pro looking event website. Bananas.

Interface hyper-simplicity

It doesn't matter how big your event is. You'll be ready to create and take it live in minutes.

Multiple profiling

Are you running a charity, a startup and a space station? Create events for all 3 via a single account. Just switch your organizer profile.

Contact lists intelligence

Bundle your contacts into groups. Invite entire groups to your future events with just a click, forget re-importing emails.

How does it work

  • Sign up and start the party (literally)
  • Our charge is 2.5% of the ticket price + $0.5 flat fee*.
  • Forever free for free events. Plus we'd love to offer discounts to non-profits.
  • We'd love to hear your feedback and tailor things around your needs

Proudly facilitated events for


Hundreds of smaller event organizers across the world